Deeds Pendant Midnight Version

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Introducing the Deeds Not Words pendant by Jon Chase Studios. This stunning pendant features the powerful and inspiring "Deeds Not Words" design created by the artist Jon Chase. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from high-quality materials, it is a striking symbol of courage and perseverance. This beautiful piece captures the essence of strength and determination, ensuring both durability and value.

The pendant is 1.50" tall

Material: matte black finish over 100% surgical steel
Chain: matte black finish over 100% surgical steel 23"

The Deeds Not Words design was a DSTROYR graphic drawn in 2012 and was originally only released as a six-color graphic on a zip-up hoodie. In 2022, Jon Chase Studios and the re-launch of DSTROYR began. The decision to pick an icon for the re-launch focused on helping raise awareness for children's mental health. The Deeds character is a personal favorite of mine and was the best fit.

The throwback aviator helmet was a hat tip for early race car drivers. The arrow that goes through his skull symbolizes direction and progress, representing the idea of moving forward and reaching goals. It also embodies strength and determination, as an arrow needs to be pulled back before it can move forward with force. In some cultures, arrows are associated with protection and defense, symbolizing safeguarding against harm.

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