Taco Gasser Hand Made Collectible

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This is a one-off, handmade collectible item, made to order just for you. Each variation will be unique; no two will look the same. Limited to 12 Pieces Only!

Introducing Jon Chase Studios' new handcrafted resin collectible figures. Each figure is an actual one-of-a-kind work of art handcrafted by Jon Chase. These unique pieces feature one-of-a-kind variations, and no two will be the same, making them the perfect addition to any collector's showcase. 

With a commitment to providing something unique and an unwavering passion for creativity, Jon Chase Studios brings you a collection of remarkable resin figures that will captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. Level up your collection with these exceptional handcrafted pieces from Jon Chase Studios.

The box that the figure comes in is also hand-assembled.

The LED light base is included with the figure.

Allow 10-14 days to ship. This item was created just for you.

The images are from the first hand poured example.

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